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Commitment to Diversity

Diversity in the Community
Scholarships & Internships:
Fraser Stryker prides itself on being a community leader on diversity initiatives. Fraser Stryker inaugurated the Fraser Stryker Diversity Scholarship Program for Omaha-area high school seniors in 2006 and awarded the first scholarship in 2007.

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Diversity Conference:
In 2007, Fraser Stryker held a Diversity Conference for undergraduate students with ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds interested in pursuing a career in the law and for first-year law students. The Diversity Conference provided valuable information to undergraduate and law students to help them succeed in becoming a member of the legal profession. Students attended panel sessions on law school admissions, study skills and interview techniques, and a question-and-answer session with minority members of the legal community.

Diversity in the Legal Profession
Nebraska State Bar Association Statement of Diversity and Call to Action
In addition to promoting diversity in the legal profession through its scholarship and conference programs, Fraser Stryker has also committed itself to diversity by being an inaugural signatory to the Nebraska State Bar Association Statement of Diversity and Call to Action.

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Diversity in the Workplace
Fraser Stryker embraces the Nebraska State Bar Associations Statement of Diversity and Call to Action. The principles embodied by the Statement reflect Fraser Stryker's commitment to developing and promoting a diverse workplace.

Fraser Stryker's office policies reflect its dedication to diversity. Fraser Stryker is an equal opportunity employer. The Firm does not discriminate in the terms or conditions of employment on the basis of an individual's race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, marital status, pregnancy, or disability.

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