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Law Students

No matter how far you are in the pursuit of your law degree, we want to know more about you.

Summer Associates

Practice Areas

Fraser Stryker provides summer associates with exposure to diverse, substantive legal areas as well as the individual practice styles of various attorneys. Summer associates are encouraged to explore different practice areas, all while working closely with our veteran attorneys. We believe that our summer associate areas should experience a variety of practice areas to determine what they are good at and what they like.

Real World Experience

Fraser Stryker expects summer associates to attend depositions, trials, and business transactions to gain practical experience. We consider client interaction to be crucial for summer associate development.

Feedback and Mentoring

Fraser Stryker assigns a mentor to each summer associate to help facilitate professional and social integration into the firm. Mentors also help to provide summer associates with projects in their areas of interest. Fraser Stryker provides a mid-summer and a final evaluation to provide formal feedback to summer associates, in addition to frequent informal professional evaluations by the partners and senior associates with whom our summer associates work.

Community Involvement

Fraser Stryker has a strong history of community involvement and organizes numerous lunches and tours to introduce summer associates to some of our nonprofit clients, such as the Nebraska Humane Society, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, and the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens. Moreover, a team of partners, associates, and summer associates devote a day to building a home for Habitat for Humanity.

Social Outings

Fraser Stryker understands that a job is about more than just work one does; it is also about the people with whom one works. As a result, we think it is important to host a variety of social outings for summer associates to get to know each other and the attorneys on a personal basis. Some are planned events, like our tailgate at the College World Series, but many are impromptu lunches, coffee breaks, and happy hours.


Our summer associates come from a variety of law schools across the country. Fraser Stryker strives to hire our associates from our summer associate program, and strives to forecast our hiring needs to have appropriately-sized summer associate classes. As a result, most of our attorneys worked as summer associates.

Applicants for summer associate positions should send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Patrick Cooper.


The firm provides scholarships to qualified students at various levels at the University of Nebraska College of Law and the Creighton University School of Law. Those pursuing degrees in both business and law at the University of Nebraska College of Law may be eligible for the Fraser Stryker Ken Sharp Scholarship.

For more information about Fraser Stryker Scholarships for first- and second-year law students or the Fraser Stryker Ken Sharp Scholarship for those studying business and law, please contact your school's financial aid center.