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Governmental & Administrative Affairs

Fraser Stryker represents a number of national and local companies and trade associations in all aspects of the legislative process. Our Omaha law firm is active on matters arising in anticipation of legislation, preparing and testifying before committee hearings, and lobbying for and against proposed legislation. We have particular expertise in legislation relating to taxation; health care; pharmaceutical concerns; employment issues; utility, trade, and regulated industry matters; and the environment. In addition, we monitor and keep clients fully informed regarding the status of pending bills and legislative studies. Our Firm has developed a close, working relationship with the staff of many state and local governmental agencies. We participate in drafting regulations for these agencies regarding matters of special interest to our clients. We represent clients before state utility commissions in telecommunications and natural gas proceedings and local governing bodies such as city councils, county boards, zoning and planning boards, and county officials. Members of our Firm participate as counselors, advisors, fundraisers, and supporters for national and local political candidates on a broad political spectrum.


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