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Liquor Licensing & Compliance

Fraser Stryker provides legal services for all aspects related to liquor licensing, and we have extensive experience and utilize a proven methodology that simplifies the process for our clients during all stages of a liquor licensing request.

Fraser Stryker attorneys have substantial experience assisting both for-profit and non-profit businesses in all aspects of obtaining liquor licenses in the State of Nebraska, including:

  • Advising clients regarding how developments with their business may affect the status of their liquor license;
  • Assisting non-profit clients with obtaining temporary liquor licenses for special events;
  • Appearing before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission and various local authorities when adverse actions are taken against a client's liquor license; and
  • Developing training programs clients to assist their compliance with the various state and local liquor licensing laws.

Contact Robb Futhey or Luke Klinker today to schedule a time to begin reviewing your liquor licensing needs.

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