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Energy & Natural Resources

Fraser Stryker has been general counsel to eastern Nebraska's largest electric utility since it started its operations in 1945. Because our firm works closely with the management of all phases of this complex enterprise, we have developed a special expertise in the many legal issues that are unique to the utility's operation. We have developed joint action agreements regarding generation, transmission, and distribution facilities. We represent the utility in regulatory and environmental matters for both nuclear and fossil-fueled generating units. We have been involved in the negotiation and drafting of agreements relating to the purchase of significant quantities of nuclear fuel, coal, and oil. We handled all major contracts relating to the construction of Nebraska's newest coal-fired power plant and the refurbishment of one of two Nebraska nuclear power plants. The Firm also has been involved from the outset in the development of regional electric transmission organizations. Fraser Stryker regularly represents clients in the natural gas business, including retail utilities. We routinely handle regulatory agency matters and have successfully litigated complex rate actions involving tens of millions of dollars. We are thoroughly versed in the area of power generation finance and the negotiation, drafting, and management of financing instruments. We have developed an expertise in rate setting, in defending rates in both federal and state courts, and in preparation and litigation of eminent domain actions. We work and are familiar with numerous experts in all of the disciplines that affect major public or private energy companies.


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