Each summer, Fraser Stryker proudly hosts a group of dynamic, motivated law students to be a part of our Summer Associate program. The Summer Associate Program is structured to give summer associates a realistic experience, which is comparable to that of a first-year attorney. We’re happy to highlight the experiences of this year’s summer associates.

Andrew J. Ascher  |  University of Iowa College of Law  |  Class of 2022

As a first year law student at the University of Iowa College of Law, Andrew J. Ascher will graduate in May 2022.  Prior to attending the University of Iowa’s College of Law, Andrew graduated from Creighton University with a Bachelor of Arts double major in Psychology and Philosophy, specializing in Ethics and a minor in Legal Studies.


Q:  What knowledge have you gained from your Fraser Stryker attorney mentors that will stay with you?        

A: “I learned that being a successful attorney is not just about being able to navigate the legal issues at hand. Building and developing successful client relationships is an important part of building a practice.”

Q:  What is your proudest achievement during your time at Fraser Stryker?

A: “I was able to draft a brief in support of a motion for summary judgment, and that was very exciting. It is a skill that is taught in law school, but there was a different feeling knowing the document was the start of something that would eventually make its way to court.”

Q: What are three key lessons about the legal field that you will take with you from your time at Fraser Stryker?

A: 1 – Communication with the client is key to successful lawyer-client relationships.

2 – Whether I was following up with an attorney on a project or running thoughts by one of the other Summer Associates, I was always glad that I asked an extra question. There were definitely times where asking the extra questions early would have saved time and effort spent later on.

3 – The legal field is really big. There are a lot of opportunities to develop a niche field of expertise.”

Q:  Do you have any words of wisdom to pass along to the next class of Summer Associates?

A: “Don’t be afraid to knock on doors or call around to ask attorneys about their practice. Especially early on, you may not know every attorney in the firm. If you hear about someone who is doing something that sounds interesting, give them a call or stop by to ask about it. More often than not, they are willing to chat and might even let you help on the project.”


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