Fraser Stryker partner, Bob Freeman, was published in The Midlands Business Journal section on business succession planning.

“Without question most of our longtime clients are actively working on transition plans right now, at one stage or another,” said Mr. Freeman on his current experience with business succession planning. “These [transition plans] take years to plan and implement but business owners are on it, and lawyers, CPAs and financial planners are working together as a team more often and more efficiently than ever before.”

Mr. Freeman explained that lately he’s been noticing a combination of gift and estate tax exemptions, “These now enable couples to shelter more than $10 million in either lifetime gifts or death bequests. While this can take the pressure off of making lifetime stock transfers to family members, it puts a premium on longer range estate planning and strategic business succession planning,” he added.

Bob concentrates his practice in the field of business succession planning, sports law, business & corporate law, to name a few. Big projects usually involve different and unique mixes of financial, commercial, legal, interpersonal, and practical issues that must be sorted through and prioritized. For more info, please visit his Bio.

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