“Can It Happen Here?” Unions are on the Move! Trainings Lessen Susceptibility to a Successful Union Election

Unions are mobilizing. NLRB Petitions for Union elections have risen 58% during FY 2022. Unions are on pace to reach their highest election level in a decade. Not only that, so far in FY 2022, unions are winning at a rate of 75.5%! It is not just Starbucks, Amazon, and Google. Your employees could be targeted by a Union organizing campaign. If so, would you be caught flat-footed?

Companies who successfully avoid union elections and/or win elections do so because they are proactive in their relations with employees and have a compelling message for employees about why a labor union is not in their best interest.

Now is the time to train your supervisors. Supervisors need to be trained to know the answers to basic questions:

  • Why do employees join Unions?
  • What can we do to thwart Union organizing?
  • What are my rights as an employer in a Union campaign?
  • What are the warning signs of Union organizing?
  • What can I do? What can I say to employees?

A well-trained supervisory force can go a long way in limiting the effectiveness of a union’s message on your employees. Fraser Stryker’s Labor & Employment Law team offers clients 1-2 hour seminars to answer these and other questions.

Please call Patrick Barrett, Kathryn Dittrick, Sally McGill, or Rhianna Kittrell to discuss how you can effectively limit the possibility of a successful union campaign.

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