Emily Langdon Headshot 2021

Emily Langdon

Employee Benefits & ERISA Attorney


In a November 8th story from KETV News, Fraser Stryker benefits attorney, Emily Langdon, spoke to reporter David Earl about how some employers are exploring COVID-19 vaccine wellness programs as components of their health insurance plans, either as an incentive or a surcharge.

“They’re looking and they’re saying this is available, so we’re going to implement this program and if you’re not vaccinated by the end of the year and provide proof, you’re going to have higher health care costs,” said Langdon. “Whether it’s, ‘OK, you get a surcharge if you’re not vaccinated or you get an incentive if you are,’ it’s really the same thing.”

Langdon points out that an individual’s vaccination status won’t affect their ability to obtain health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act protection. “So you can’t say ‘no, because you’re not vaccinated, we won’t let you be eligible for coverage,'” Langdon said. “Because they have to provide coverage.”

To watch the full story or read the transcript, click on the link below:

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