Emily Langdon

Employee Benefits & ERISA Attorney


In a April 9th news story by anchor David Earl of KETV NewWatch 7, Fraser Stryker benefits attorney Emily Langdon discusses job loss as a qualifying event to make mid-year changes to an individual’s health insurance plan or to access the ACA exchange.

“…if you are laid off, that’s a qualifying event. Or, if you have reduced hours and you’re not able to afford your premium coverage anymore, that is also qualifying event on the exchange.” said Langdon.

Earl and Langdon also discussed the rise in telemedicine coverage: “I think from an employer standpoint two months ago, it was looked at as an alternative form of medicine…” said Langdon. “…a lot of plans up until two months ago would exclude telemedicine, or not provide coverage for that benefit because it was…a newer alternative treatment, whereas now employers are…encouraging employees to use telemedicine….”

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