Labor & Employment Law Conference 2023


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Today’s Agenda

Morning Sessions

  • NLRB Developments That Impact All Employers – Patrick J. Barrett
  • ADA: Strategies to Assess Reasonable Accommodation Requests – Sally L. McGill
  • Secure Act 2.0: What Employers Need to Know – Amy M. Thompson
  • EEO Update: Trends & Notable Cases – Karson S. Kampfe
  • OSHA Reporting & Recording Update – Patrick J. Barrett

Afternoon Sessions

  • ADA Developments & Practical Pointers – Patrick J. Barrett & Sally L. McGill
  • Multistate Employers: Navigating a Patchwork of Different Jurisdictions – Kathryn A. Dittrick
  • Wage & Hour Update – Kristin M. Nalbach
  • New Legal Developments Protecting Pregnant Employees & New Parents – Rhianna A. Kittrell
  • Panel Presentation: Tips to Ensure Lawful Hiring Practices – Patrick J. Barrett, Kathryn A. Dittrick, Sally L. McGill, Rhianna A. Kittrell, Karson S. Kampfe, Kristin M. Nalbach, Kristin A. Crone, and Amy M. Thompson


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