This month’s issue of The Iowa Lawyer includes an article authored by Fraser Stryker partner Emily Langdon. The article, entitled “Premium finance strategies and outlook for 2022”, Langdon reviews the concept of premium financing as an option when conducting corporate life insurance planning.

Langdon states, “When there is a permanent insurance need, permanent insurance should be placed. After taking into account ages and health considerations as part of the equation, some of the insurance premiums can become quite expensive.” Premium financing is “a way to purchase life insurance and make related premium payments without materially depleting…assets so that such assets can continue to generate wealth.”

Read more about the premium financing concept, and some of the legal issues related to it, on page 21-22 of the April 2022, V82, N3, issue of The Iowa Lawyer.

About Emily Langdon

Emily Langdon focuses her practice on employee benefits and ERISA. As part of this practice, Emily assists her clients with matters related to health and welfare benefits, executive compensationpension and retirement plans, wellness plans, and health care reform. Emily also has significant experience in the areas of health care law, corporate transactions, business formation and advising, and employment law, all of which complement her benefits work.

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