Fraser Stryker attorney, Pat Barrett, was interviewed by the Midlands Business Journal about liability concerns employers have when hosting office parties and outings. Alcohol and sexual harassment are the top two concerns among businesses.

Mr. Barrett explained that “the best advice is to not serve alcohol, and have a holiday luncheon to avoid the expectation that employees will be able to drink during the party.” If alcohol must be served, “employers should hire a bartender and instruct them when to limit service. Employers should also offer plenty of non-alcoholic drinks, or limiting the open bar to a number of drink tickets to reduce their liability,” he added.

It’s also important to remind employees about sexual harassment policies before hosting a company event because “sexual harassment can be a big issue at office parties, where alcohol reduces inhibitions,” Mr. Barrett explained.

Mr. Barrett has represented the Firm’s clients in a wide variety of proceedings, including federal court and agency proceedings involving employment, and civil rights and labor law litigation as well as state court and state agency actions, including jury trials and appellate work. For more information, please visit his Bio page.

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