On April 21, 2020 Governor Pete Ricketts launched the #TestNebraskaChallenge (“Challenge”). The Challenge is a plan to expand COVID-19 testing throughout the state over the next several weeks. This same plan has already been implemented in Utah and is simultaneously being implemented in Iowa. Governor Ricketts believes the program will give the State of Nebraska a better view of the health of the State and will help to accelerate our ability to defeat the virus. Further, the hope is that the program will help Nebraskans return to their normal daily lives more quickly.

The program works in three parts: assess, test, and track. Nebraskans can go to https://www.testnebraska.com/ to take an initial assessment quiz. This initial assessment will help the State’s epidemiologists gauge the general health of the State and decide where to set up testing sites. After gathering this data, different testing locations will be set up across the State within 2-5 weeks.

The testing is free and Governor Ricketts is urging all Nebraskans to participate. However, caregivers, first responders and those with severe symptoms will be tested first. The State will then focus on testing anyone who is symptomatic. Finally, the State will begin population-sampling testing, which will include the testing of Nebraskans who may not have shown any symptoms. After being tested, an individual will also be asked to answer 2-3 follow-up questions regarding their well-being to help the State track the virus.

If residents participate in the online assessment, Governor Ricketts said he expects that within 5 weeks the State will be able to test 3,000 Nebraskans per day.

If you would like to sign up to be tested, visit https://www.testnebraska.com/. To be a part of the social media challenge, create a social media post using the hashtag #TestNebraskaChallenge within your post to show/tell that you were tested through the Challenge, then tag five friends to challenge them to complete the testing.

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