Legal Services


Kathryn (Kate) Dittrick has devoted her entire legal practice to advising employers of all sizes on labor and employment issues, particularly wage and hour matters. Providing a wide range of compliance advice and pragmatic solutions, Ms. Dittrick counsels employers on how to proactively prevent litigation, audits, and administrative charges.

Understanding that human resource departments may struggle to keep up with changing local, state, and federal laws, Ms. Dittrick offers a variety of training for managerial teams on HR best practices and the possible legal implications of their actions. She is especially versed in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DE&I”) and anti-harassment training for all staff members across any organization. Tailoring her training to the specific needs of each client, Ms. Dittrick works to ensure that the educational tools provided help employers avoid costly mistakes.

Employment claims can often be prevented with well-written policies, handbooks, employment agreements, offer letters, termination letters, and correspondence with employees regarding human resource matters. Through her extensive, first-hand litigation experience, Ms. Dittrick knows the common problems that arise from poorly-drafted employment documents. Working collaboratively with clients, she develops clear, legally-compliant employment documents, as well as reviews and revises existing documents, to deter potential exposure in the future.

Should a dispute arise, Ms. Dittrick’s background and practical knowledge enable her to strategically represent clients in responding to charges of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation from the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (NEOC) and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). For businesses confronted with employee petitions to unionize, she assists employers in proactively addressing petitions and developing sound approaches to remain union-free. Additionally, Ms. Dittrick is skilled in responding to audits from the Department of Labor (DOL) regarding worker classification, compensation, and leave entitlements.