Complex Divorce

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Our complex divorce lawyers have successfully and effectively represented business owners, professionals, senior executives, and individuals with significant property and investments through comprehensive legal consultation, litigation, and trial services designed to preserve our client’s assets and financial future.

Every divorce comes with its own set of unique challenges that often need the services of a family law attorney. When facing a divorce that involves substantial marital assets or substantial annual income, the divorce process becomes particularly complicated, requiring sophisticated legal knowledge and experience. The Complex Divorce group at Fraser Stryker includes experienced trial lawyers who have practical knowledge trying dissolution and general civil matters in front of judges and juries.

Protecting Your Assets and Interests in a Complex Divorce

We recognize that a marital dissolution can have a significant impact on a client’s assets including ownership interest in businesses, and the client’s future financial security. Components that must be considered in high-asset divorce matters include:

  • Business ownership that requires valuation, including closely-held family businesses, shared businesses, or partnerships
  • An assessment of marital versus non-marital assets
  • Investments, including retirement assets, real estate, or other property holdings
  • Inheritance, high-value collections, and trusts
  • Prenuptial/post-nuptial agreements
  • Spousal career disruption to make considerable contributions to the marriage

Our complex divorce lawyers analyze the entire picture in a high net-worth divorce, then tap into our expansive network of accounting, financial, and valuation experts to help uncover, identify, and appraise all assets to ensure our clients receive all they are entitled to under state law.


Interests in ownership of companies resolved favorably for client during mediation.

  • Represented client involved in a dissolution of a long-term marriage involving the development and ownership of more than ten (10) different operating entities located in multiple states.
  • The operating entities consisted of both pre-marital interest and marital interest that had to be separated and valued for purposes of obtaining a final separation and allocation of the marital estate.
  • The divorce was resolved after several mediation sessions over a three-month time period.

Client receives favorable judgment from Court in valuation of company.

  • Represented client who started and developed a new technology service company prior to and during the marriage.
  • Former spouse claimed the entirety of the technology company constituted a marital asset and disputed the client’s value placed on the company.
  • Competing financial experts submitted materially different valuations for the new technology company.
  • After a two-day trial primarily focused on the value of the technology company, the Firm’s client received a favorable judgment from the Court.

Client retains ownership interest in company after divorce.

  • Represented senior executive from large manufacturing and services client who had acquired a material ownership interest in the company before and during the marriage to a former spouse.
  • After extensive discovery and work with several financial valuation experts, the matter was settled, and the client retained all ownership interest in the company.

Disputes over premarital and new ownership interests resolved to satisfaction of client.

  • Represented client affiliated with a multi-generational transportation services company who was involved in a contentious dissolution proceeding with a spouse of ten-plus years.
  • The disputed issues involved the nature and extent of the client’s premarital ownership interest in the company, new ownership interest in related companies acquired during the course of the marriage, and disputed valuations for the marital and non-marital investments in the family business.
  • After extensive discovery and work with multiple financial experts, the matter was resolved to the satisfaction of the Firm’s client.