Liquor License & Compliance

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We understand that delays in obtaining a liquor license in the state of Nebraska can be detrimental to business owners and operators. Our knowledgeable Liquor License and Compliance attorneys utilize proven methodologies and processes to simplify the liquor licensing process for our clients.

A liquor license is one of the most valuable assets of Nebraska companies in the hospitality industry. Many of our clients will not even open a new location unless they are certain they can obtain a liquor license. Obtaining that license, however, can be a complicated and often costly process. Factors such as the type of business, type of alcohol being sold, and special requirements for the premises will change the application process and can delay the issuance of the liquor license. Our Liquor License and Compliance lawyers work diligently to make the Nebraska liquor license application and compliance process as efficient and cost-effective for clients as possible.

Skilled Legal Services for NE Liquor Licensing

Our liquor license clients span both for-profit and non-profit Nebraska businesses, including bars, restaurants, pubs, breweries, wineries, convenience stores, hotels, music venues, museums, theaters, and seasonal or special event operators. Since there are a variety of liquor license types, both temporary and permanent, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific liquor licensing needs.

To learn more about the Nebraska Liquor License process, read our article: “A Quick Guide to Obtaining a Liquor License in Nebraska.”

Ongoing Licensing Guidance and Support

When a bar, restaurant, or other hospitality business faces pending licensing violations, it can be a stressful and difficult time. Our attorneys are equipped not only to help you obtain your Nebraska liquor license but also to help you keep it. We provide ongoing guidance and support throughout all aspects of liquor license compliance, including:

  • Advising clients on how developments with their business may affect their liquor license’s status;
  • Developing training programs for clients to ensure compliance with the various state and local liquor licensing laws; and
  • Appearing before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission and various local authorities when adverse actions are taken against a client’s liquor license.


Represented national and local restaurants and bars.

Represented dozens of national and local restaurants and bars in applying for liquor licenses, including appearances before local liquor jurisdictions.

Defended restaurant owner in liquor license matter.

Successfully defended Omaha restaurant against claim that owner and designated liquor license manager did not meet statutory requirements to hold a liquor license, resulting in Nebraska Liquor Control Commission issuing a full liquor license to client.

Developed liquor license compliance procedures.

Assisted clients with developing compliance procedures to ensure they meet the requirements for safe and permitted service and sale of alcoholic beverages in Nebraska.

Defended entrepreneur before Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

Successfully defended entrepreneur before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, demonstrating that the seller of the business was sufficiently disinterested, and securing a full liquor license.