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Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusivity, Upholding Equality

Fraser Stryker is dedicated to cultivating a work environment where diversity is celebrated, inclusivity is championed, and the principles of equality and respect for everyone are upheld. We strongly believe that a component of serving our clients and enriching our professional lives stems from embracing diversity and integrating different perspectives into our collaborative culture.  Find out how we are acting on our commitment by championing DEI efforts within our Firm and beyond.

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Community Service

Fraser Stryker believes in supporting civic and philanthropic organizations that boost, strengthen, and champion our community. Each year, our attorneys and professional staff give hundreds of volunteer hours to organizations through leadership roles, physical work, and pro bono legal services to nonprofit organizations in the region.

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six oval black and white images of Lodowick Crofoot, W.C. Fraser, Bob Fraser, Edgar Scott, Hird Stryker Sr, and Hird Stryker Jr.

Our History

Founded in Omaha, NE in 1898, Fraser Stryker PC LLO began with Lodowick F. Crofoot and Edgar H. Scott, two graduates of Michigan Law School with connections to Nebraska. The Firm quickly gained respect for fighting tirelessly clients and being involved in the development of the Omaha area.

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Why Fraser Stryker

Fraser Stryker’s team of attorneys proactively navigate complex legal issues with a tailored approach to ensure we not only meet but exceed your objectives.

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