Public/Private Partnerships

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When the public sector needs funding for infrastructure projects, they often look to the private sector for help in accomplishing goals. Through comprehensive advice from skilled legal counsel, government agencies and private businesses can collaborate through successful public-private partnerships to address crucial infrastructure demands.

A public-private partnership (P3) is a sophisticated contractual agreement, with multiple layers of complex legal transactions that must work in tandem to achieve success for all parties involved. As a full-service law firm, Fraser Stryker’s team is in a unique position to help. With experienced attorneys skilled in many areas of transactional law, we assist clients through every stage of the P3 project.

Our goal is simple: provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to public sector and private sector clients in a P3 relationship to achieve infrastructure goals. Accessing the capabilities of lawyers throughout the firm, we provide holistic counsel to clients through virtually every phase of the P3 project. Our attorneys have extensive experience in transactional agreements, construction and real estate, financing, taxation, government and regulatory compliance, energy, environmental, technology, litigation, and more.

From concept to completion, Fraser Stryker’s team has the business knowledge and legal expertise to help clients build successful public-private partnerships that meet their infrastructure development objectives.