Sarah M. Dempsey’s practice focuses on personal injury defense, business disputes, and insurance coverage actions.

Sarah represents individuals and businesses in the courtroom, having won eight trials. She has tried cases involving six-figure claims and obtained a judgment in a breach of contract case in excess of $750,000. An experienced litigator, Sarah knows that no two cases are the same, which is why she strives to identify the unique aspects of each client, how they think, and what drives their decision-making. From there, she tailors her strategy and approach to think multiple steps ahead with the goal of obtaining the best possible outcome for her clients.

With an emphasis on green energy projects, Sarah also represents project developers in the energy industry. She recently spent a year working as in-house counsel for the developer of a multi-state green energy infrastructure project. As a result, she has first-hand experience of the regulatory environment governing these projects and the legal challenges facing the industry. She is passionate about seeing projects succeed, both large and small, and enjoys partnering with developers in accomplishing their goals.

Sarah is skilled in working with clients from all walks of life, including those familiar with litigation to individuals who have never experienced the process. Taking time to understand not only the facts of the case but also her client’s ultimate goals and the reasons why those goals are important to them, Sarah works to ensure that throughout each stage of the case, she is doing her best to advocate for her client’s interests. She enjoys building long-standing relationships with clients and being their go-to source of advice and guidance when the stakes are high.

Experienced in handling large and complex cases in state and federal courts in Nebraska and Iowa, Sarah has successfully litigated appeals at both the state and federal levels. She frequently handles cases involving technical and scientific issues, working with expert witnesses in the medical, engineering, accounting, finance, and insurance fields. Sarah enjoys learning the ins and outs of her client’s industry, not only to gain the upper hand in the case but also to work towards an outcome that is in the best interest of her client’s business.

Graduating magna cum laude, Sarah obtained her Juris Doctor from Creighton University School of Law in 2012. She earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Creighton University, majoring in economics. During college, Sarah spent a semester working as an intern for Senator John McCain’s office during his presidential campaign. An avid music lover, Sarah performed in multiple theater productions, choir performances, and piano recitals in college and law school. During law school, she also took a two-week class on constitutional law from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

When she’s not in the courtroom, Sarah enjoys traveling, attending live music events, tasting new wines, and spending time with her family.