2021 Summer Associate Karsen Sims

Each Summer, Fraser Stryker proudly hosted a group of bright, ambitious law students in our Summer Associate program. The Summer Associate Program is structured to give summer associates a realistic experience, which is comparable to that of a first-year attorney. We are excited to share some of the experiences during the 2021 summer associate program.

Karsen Sims  |  University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law  |  Class of 2023

Karsen Sims is currently attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law with a graduation date of May 2023. Karsen has an interest in public work and serving others, and was nominated the class representative for the Pro Bono Committee at the College of Law.

Q:  What attracted you to choose Fraser Stryker for your summer clerkship?        

A: “I chose Fraser Stryker’s summer clerkship because I was attracted to the intellect, personality, and values of every one I spoke with during the interview process. I do not come from a legal background or family, so I wanted exposure in a lot of practice areas. Fraser Stryker is a firm with attorneys who know the ins and outs of many areas, and I knew they could help me cultivate my interests and expand into areas I had never considered.”

Q:  How did your practice area interest(s) strengthen or change during your time as a Fraser Stryker Summer Associate?

A: “During my time at Fraser Stryker, I was able to get my hands on a lot of work in practice areas that I was interested in. I am particularly interested in estate planning and real estate, and I was able to work alongside attorneys who not only introduced me to related projects, but also entrusted me to do real work product for the clients. Fraser Stryker’s program style also opened to door to me working in practice areas I had never considered. For instance, I enjoyed several projects concerning wrongful death litigation and trademarks, both areas I had never really considered, but would now say I would like to pursue further.”

Q:  What is your proudest accomplishment during your time at Fraser Stryker?

A: “I believe some of my proudest accomplishments during my time at Fraser Stryker would be my work alongside a few of the estate planning attorneys. These projects allowed me to see basic estate planning practice through meeting with clients and preparing their actual estate planning documents that would help ensure their families and livelihoods are taken care of at their passing. In addition, these projects allowed me to work with clients who had a multitude of large and complex trusts and a number of entities they needed help organizing and protecting. It was really rewarding to see the attorney take the work I completed and provide it to the client.”

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