Jordan Adam is a seasoned trial lawyer with a law practice that stretches from coast to coast. He specializes in personal injury, products liability, mass torts, foodborne illness, medical malpractice, construction, and contract cases.

He has sued and defended a variety of large and small companies all across the country in these types of cases. He has taken on some of the largest companies in America, suing multiple Fortune 100 companies in product liability and personal injury cases. Mr. Adam has recovered settlements on behalf of his clients in excess of $25 million.

Experienced in property and casualty matters, Mr. Adam routinely practices and tries lawsuits in state and federal court. He has tried numerous cases to verdict, including a three-week product liability trial in Nebraska’s federal court and a one-week wrongful death lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida. Mr. Adam’s trial work and experience stand apart in this day and age of arbitrations, mediations, and settlements.

Mr. Adam has quickly emerged as one of the leading trial lawyers in Nebraska. He is sought on legal matters all across the state due to his aggressive approach to trial work, the results he obtains for his clients, and his passion for helping his clients. Mr. Adam does not view his clients’ cases as just “another case.” He prosecutes and defends his cases as if each of them were the last case he had. Many lawyers talk about what they might do or how they could be successful. Mr. Adam, however, does it.

Mr. Adam also sets himself apart due to his ability to manage large-scale “bet the company” lawsuits where millions of dollars are at stake. He has been the leader in multiple cases where numerous parties have been named, where the parties’ document productions have gone well over 100,000 pages, where more than 30 depositions have been taken, and where more than 20 experts have been named in the litigation. He is also immensely experienced in electronically stored information (“ESI”) discovery, retrieval, and retention.

Using litigation methods that no one else in the region is using, Mr. Adam asks the questions that no one else asks. He finds the liability or the defense where no one else is looking. His attention to detail is unparalleled — and the details are often what results in wins or losses.

What also separates Mr. Adam’s trial practice from others in the region is the large group of trial lawyers at the Fraser Stryker. Most law firms in the region are plagued by their small size. They do not have the abilities or the resources to take on large companies or large disputes. Mr. Adam, however, is able to put multiple top-notch trial lawyers at his firm on a single case, or for any project, if needed. Mr. Adam and his trial team are also available day and night and on the weekends for his clients.