Diversity Scholarship Program


The Fraser Stryker Diversity Scholarship Program helped talented Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) college-bound high school students fulfill their dream of working in the legal field.


The program provided financial aid to college-bound Omaha metro area students interested in pursuing a career in law who had a financial need. Scholarship recipients also had the opportunity to work a paid internship at Fraser Stryker during the summer to further their knowledge in the legal field.

Recipients were awarded a scholarship each academic school year for up to four years, which could be applied to tuition, fees, books, and supplies needed for the recipient’s college program.

Read About Past Scholarship Recipients

Kya Brooks

Juliana Angel & Victoria Clay

Saray Bedoya & Alejandra Arellano

Denisse Navarro-Perez & Carolina Lopez

Aya Yousuf & Francisco López

Joy Kayode & Maria Hill

Eros Mejia-Hernandez

Gabriel Clauss & Cole Davis

William Wenbo Wang & Anthony White

Mikeisha Russell & Catherine Lee

Chuma Nnawulezi & Cristian Gonzalez

Awngmyat Lahtaw & Jaritza Medina

Alicia Amedee & Steven A. Lee

Symone D. Sanders & Dina S. Ross

Yvonnda Summers & Divine W. Shelton

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