Pat Barrett, Attorney at Fraser Stryker

Patrick J. Barrett

Labor and Employment Law Attorney

Fraser Stryker partner Patrick Barrett was featured in an article in the Law Firms Focus Section of last week’s Midlands Business Journal. In the article “An Untraditional Role: Lawyers Focus on Helping Attract and Retain Employees,” by David Kubicek, Mr. Barrett addressed issues some employers are facing as they bring employees back into the office and navigate retention matters. “Employers who have not already done so, must carefully plan how they design their return to work as it is proving to be an important retention issue for employees,” said Mr. Barrett. “During the pandemic, employees enjoyed the benefits that remote work brought, including increased flexibility.”

Employers can take a number of measures to improve recruitment and retention, according to Mr. Barrett, including fostering a workplace of mutual respect. “Recent studies show that corporate culture is more important than compensation in predicting which companies lost employees at a higher rate than their industries as a whole,” he said. “Employers, including law firms, must root out issues that contribute to a toxic work culture to eliminate the loss of good and productive employees and the failure to attract qualified candidates.”

Mr. Barrett’s practice focuses primarily on Labor and Employment Law, with experience in assisting both private and public sector clients with collective bargaining, EEO/affirmative action matters, Fair Labor Standards Act and Occupational Safety and Health matters. Mr. Barrett also speaks regularly to management groups and provides employer training on various employment related issues.

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