2023 Summer Associate Feature: Makynna Montgomery, University of Nebraska College of Law

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Photo of Makynna Montgomery, wearing a blue shirt and a black suit coat.

Fraser Stryker hosted a group of brilliant, ambitious law students during our 2023 Summer Associate program. We are excited to share insights from Makynna Montgomery about her experience this summer.


A Henry Foster Distinguished Scholar Recipient, Makynna is attending University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law. She is a member of the Women’s Law Caucus, the Multicultural Legal Society, Community Legal Education Project, and the Phi Alpha Delta-Law Fraternity. Makynna was first in her class at Nebraska Wesleyan University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Communications Studies, English. She also has prior experience as a Forensic Mental Health Specialist at a public psychiatric hospital in Nebraska, helping develop curriculum for “Competency for Court” patient groups and coaching patients on expectations for court and the legal process.

Q: Before this summer, what area(s) of law were you most interested in practicing? Describe how your interests change or strengthen during your time as a Fraser Stryker Summer Associate?

A: Before the summer began, I was still determining if I wanted to be a litigator or a transactional attorney. After assisting an associate with a three-day trial from start to finish, including offering opinions during voir dire, taking notes on expert testimony, and reviewing our closing statement, I can confidently say I want to one day try a case of my own.

Q: Which practice area lunch and learn did you find most intriguing and why?

A: I found the complex litigation practice area lunch and learn the most intriguing. Listening to some of the most experienced litigators in the Midwest describe their approach to complex litigation cases was fascinating. Their comments highlighted the client-oriented approach Fraser takes when working on matters.

Q: How has the experience as a Fraser Stryker Summer Associate help you take the next steps in your legal career path?

A: My experience as a summer associate helped guide me on the next steps in my legal career path. After working in various practice groups, I know which elective classes I want to take and which extracurricular organizations I want to try before graduation.

About the Fraser Stryker Summer Associate Program

The Summer Associate Program is structured to give summer associates a realistic experience, which is comparable to that of a first-year attorney. Visit the Fraser Stryker Summer Associate Program page to learn more about our program

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