Legal Malpractice Defense


Confident Legal Malpractice Representation

Fraser Stryker represents insureds from the moment they become uncomfortable with a situation or believe there may be an impending ethics claim, through litigation and the appeals process.

When necessary, Fraser Stryker attorneys work behind the scenes with an insured to help them handle a situation on their own. This prevents potential plaintiffs from filing a claim regarding any possible wrongdoing by an insured attorney. When an insured is unfortunate enough to have a claim or complaint filed against him or her, our attorneys vigorously represent him or her through the litigation process. We are able to accurately value a claim and successfully mediate matters, sometimes at very early stages, to avoid unnecessary defense and litigation costs. We have the confidence and expertise to try legal malpractice cases when appropriate.

Throughout our representation of various attorneys, we have remedied situations before a claim has been filed, reversed disciplinary actions, and received favorable judgments and jury verdicts for insured attorneys on numerous occasions.

Nebraska Legal Malpractice Defense Attorneys

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